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The Village of Silence

The Village of Silence

The cabins of the Village of Silence were hand-carved 30 years ago. In 2023, the cabins have been completely renovated. Each cabin comes with its own toilet, coffee maker, kettle, microwave, and refrigerator. The cabin's terrace features a wood-heated hot tub, which can be booked separately.

The area has a main building where you will find a licensed restaurant that serves breakfast and prepares dinner on request. The main building also has separate toilets and showers for women and men.

The Village of Silence is located in Kittilä, in the village of Tepsa, on the shores of Kuolajärvi. We offer peace and quiet. The area is expansive, and in the atmospheric glass-roofed Northern Lights cabins, you can enjoy the Northern Lights and the night sky. The area also offers various activities, including a fire pit near the cabins, where you can cook your own food and enjoy the warmth and light of a live fire. A ski trail leads across the lake to a Kota (traditional Lappish hut) with also an opportunity for a fire. Our own slope has a sled hill, and snowshoes are available for rent. There is a guided path to snowmobile trails from the area. The lake's ice offers a great opportunity for ice fishing. Fishing equipment can be rented from the main building. A fishing license is included in the accommodation price. In addition, the nearby areas are rich in game for hunting.

Ráfi World Cup Ski Competition

By renting cross-country skis, you can participate in the 2km long Ráfi World Cup ski competition, designed for international customers in a friendly spirit. The winners of the competition will be decided at the end of the season based on time, style, and attitude. Prizes will be delivered to the winners in May 2024.

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